Hardwares & Accessories

IGO Network Sdn. Bhd. is a leading sub distributor from small to large ICT retail industries such as computer retailers, training centers, College & University, Super/Hyper Markets and offices. We Provide full ranges of products and services to our clients.


We carry full range products of few leading ICT branded products as in Computer accessories, hardwares, softwares and gadgets from Acer, Seagate, Hitachi, NEC, AVAST, Microsoft and Apple.

The list of products by brands which carried by IGO Network Sdn. Bhd.

  • Acer - Server , Desktop Computers , Notebook , Projectors , Mobile Gadgets and Accessories.

  • Apple - Mobile Gadgets , Desktop Computers , Notebook Computers , Tablet and Accessories.

  • Asus - Computer Graphic Card , Motherboard and Notebook.

  • AOC - Computer Monitors.

  • Avast - Antivirus and Internet Security Program.

  • Canon - Printers.

  • Epson - Printers.

  • Hitachi - Desktop/ Notebook Internal Hard Disk Drive and External Hard Disk Drive.

  • Lenovo - Desktop Computers and Notebook.

  • Maxis - Internet , Broadband and Phone Service Registration.

  • Mcafee - Antivirus and Internet Security Program.

  • Microsoft - Computer/Server Operation Systems and Office Administration Program.

  • MSI - Computer Motherboard and Graphic Card.

  • NEC - Projector and Imaging Appliances.

  • Philips - Computer Monitors.

  • Seagate - Desktop/ Notebook Internal Hard Disk Drive , External Hard Disk Drive and NAS.

  • TM - Unifi , Streamyx and Phone Service Registration.

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